About Me

Hi there! Thanks for popping by my site. I'm Ayesha! :)


I'm 21 years old, raised in Bangalore, India and I moved to Singapore four years ago in 2016 to begin my university life at NTU! I study Digital Animation and am soon expected to graduate this year!


I've pretty much been glued to my television set my whole life, growing up with cartoons, films and games which might begin to explain why I'm so crazy about animation! A character I resonate with a lot is Lisa Simpson! A sincere goody two shoes, but unafraid to lead and speak out for what's right! Plus, I'm a sucker for saxophone music.

My fondness for art and tech has constantly propelled me to blend aesthetics and functionality. In university, I've dabbled in CG animation, motion capture, game engines, and much more that has allowed me to devour the best of both these worlds! I dream of taking this passion forward in my career to keep learning, evolving and creating fun content!

Resume will be provided upon request.

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