After Effects Animation, 2018

During the month of May 2018, I took part in a Dome Content Creation Workshop and Competition at my University. Headed by Prof. Ben Alvin Shedd, Academy Award Director for a Documentary, and Filmmaking Professor, the workshop taught us to create interactive immersive media pieces like animation, games, films, photos or sounds for a 360 degree Dome set-up. The purpose was to go beyond the rectangular frame of our phones or TV Screens and immerse ourselves in interactive environments. 

I created an After Effects Simulation of an Aurora Animation similar to Northern Lights against a stationery setting of a Tree and grass surrounding the base of the circular screen, that I designed on Photoshop. This minute long animation with the mellow soundtrack serves as an experiential installation meant to relax those seated inside the dome. 

My animation along with the other media works created by students at the workshop, earned us free tickets to Campus Party Singapore, a three day Animation and Tech Convention, with talks, workshops and hackathons. My animation was also screened inside the Fulldome Pro set-up at Campus Party, and people seated in the bean bags inside the dome really loved the visuals and immersive quality of the piece

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