Stop Motion, 2018

Inspired by the popular British animated series, 'Purple and Brown', 'Burgers' is a Stop Motion Short about a Mom cooking for her hungry baby boy.


We're all familiar with the childhood nightmares associated with eating vegetables and the pleasures of junk food. This stop motion short takes us back to the times when we were ungrateful children and reminds us of these very relatable emotions with food!

I worked on this project with two of my friends, Ong Shu Yi and Tan Hwee Ann for a weekly assignment under, 'DT2011 - Stop Motion'. All of us contributed towards modelling and animation. I was responsible for making the spoon, the vegetable props and green morphing dough, and animating one third of the film from 0:20 to 0:40 seconds.

© 2020 by Ayesha Fathima