Fell For You

3D Animation, 2017

'Fell For You' is a 3D Animated Short developed on Maya 2016 and rendered using Mental Ray plug-in. 

The film narrates a story of a happy girl playing in the park with her ball, until it gets stuck on a tree! Will she be able to get it back? Is there someone else in the park to help? Watch to see what happens!

I solely created this project over a span of 4 weeks for my 2nd Year module in university, 'DT2001 - 3D Production'. This was my first ever project using Maya with no prior experience with 3D human models. I modelled, textured and rigged both the characters. I also created the environments, set up the lighting and did the Animation. Since I was not fully familiar with the 12 Principles of Animation, and it was my first time using Maya, the pacing and timing, ease in-ease out, and bouncing ball motions could be a lot better. However, my professor liked the effort given that it was my first project, and was very kind to give me an A for it!