Gone Phishing

Motion Graphics, 2019

The annual N.E.Mation! Competition in Singapore organized by Animagine and Nexus is based on Total Defense and each year teams illustrate their idea and inspiration of what the pillars of defense means to them. For N.E.Mation 2019, our team,'N.E.thing is Possible' comprising Yeo Ying Zhi, Ong Shu Yi, Nicholas Kok and myself, from Nanyang Technological University, were awarded Second Runners Up in the Youth CategoryAs part of the team, my contribution was handling the animation on After Effects and Publicity on Social Media.

The theme for the competition is keeping Singapore strong with Total Defense and the importance of the different pillars of defense in our lives. For our animation, our team chose the topic of Cyber Safety, specifically Phishing, as it is a recurring threat in the digital space today, and is relevant to the newest pillar of defense in Singapore, i.e, Digital Defense!

Our team got selected in the Top 10 teams after submitting our story and animatic and became eligible to produce animations that were broadcast nationally on television, radio, and movie theatres for all of Singapore to see. Our tone is a light-hearted comedy, and our voice-over for the animation is amusingly enough, a RAP SONG! Using this quirky mood, with an underwater setting of fishes for characters, a pun on 'phishing', we hope the audiences will enjoy our way of educating them on cyber safety! Below is the Animatic we submitted for the Pitch along with the Rap Song we composed later. The final output was motion graphics created on Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.


Below are some pictures from a Media Open House event organized for us recently on 23rd November 2018. During this event, we pitched our animatic, concept art and story to government agencies like Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Educators in schools, and several media companies and national newspapers to help spread the message and sponsor our animation! We got a positive response by everyone who came by our station. They thought it was a charming concept!

At the Open House, we were interviewed and photographed by the national newspaper of Singapore, Straits Times, who featured us in an article quoting our words and commending us on our concept of Phishing. Click the picture below to view the article on the Straits Times Website! 

We completed production in December and our animation was voted upon by Singapore citizens from 20th January 2019 to 10th February 2019. During this period, we passionately publicized our team on our Instagram account and Facebook  page (links in icons below) and showcased our team spirit, message of the clip and behind the scenes of production with silly pun humour. Our team was featured by Straits Times, NTU's instagram and facebook accounts, NTU's Hey! Magazine, amongst other platforms. Our clip was also supported by the Media Literacy Council, Cyber Security Agency Singapore, Singapore Police Force and Digital Defense campaign. We were also interviewed by AsiaPRWerkz, The New Paper, So Drama! Entertainment (Previously SAFRA Radio), and were featured in 88.3JiaFM and Power 98FM. 


Our clips were judged 50% based on public votes, and another 50% by an expert panel of judges in the animation industry. On 24th February, we had the awards ceremony, where we were awarded Second Runners Up! We were pleasantly surprised and humbled by the honour, and were glad that our clip left an impression! The $200 cash prize for each member was a bonus too! :P We joined this competition just for fun and didn't expect any award, but seems like N.E.thing is Possible indeed. ;)

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