3D Animation, 2017

In my second year of university, I worked as a paid research intern under the URECA Program (Undergraduate Research on Campus) with Professors and Project Officers from the School of Computer Science Engineering and School of Art, Design and Media at NTU for the year 2017-18.

I helped conduct research in Gamification and Game-Based Learning in Education to make courses more interactive and effective. I assisted in Literature Reviews of several papers to understand the best game mechanics and elements to draw a survey paper in Gamification.


My primary contribution however, was designing the Storyboard/ Concept Art, and 3D Animation of an Injection Moulding Process to be included in a customized game for a Product Design course. The breakdown of the process is illustrated in the Maya viewport screengrabs below and the final rendered animation for the game is uploaded above. 

This is the Poster I prepared for the Research Project 

URECA Poster.jpg

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