Magic Wand

Stop Motion, 2018

'Magic Wand' is a cute (dark?) comedy Stop Motion Short inspired by the penguins of 'Pingu', and art style and color scheme of 'Miffy and Friends'.


This is a film about a little Penguin boy, Pip, who is bored of his toys in his playroom, but mysteriously discovers a magic wand in his toy box! He is fascinated with its abilities and drunk on power. But all may not go as planned for little Pip, and a plot twist reveals a side of Pip that no one expected. 

I solely created this project over a span of 6 weeks for my 2nd Year module in university, 'DT2011 - Stop Motion'. I created the set out of styrofoam boards and coloured mounting paper. Much of the props were sculpted with oven baked sculpey and later sanded and spray painted. Some props also included 2 dollar erasers for children. The furniture is made out of wood, which was sanded and spray painted by me. For the characters, I made the puppet armature rigs with styrofoam balls and metal wire. The body is sculpted with Paulinda's super dough (air drying) for a matte, smooth and non-greasy finish. I created the ice cream whipped cream with Paulinda's creamy dough. Apart from the exhaustive process of Modelling and Rigging the set and puppets, I also handled Animation, Camera, Lighting and Compositing. 

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