Stereo Hearts

3D Animation, 2018

'Stereo Hearts' is a 3D Animated Short developed on Maya 2018 and rendered using Arnold Renderer. 

Inspired by the style and setting of Pixar's 'Monsters Inc', Stereo Hearts is a story about a Speaker and a pair of Headphones. The aim of the project was to explore human characteristics, emotions and movement in inanimate objects. The noisy extroverted character, 'Blasty' is a nuisance, and the quiet introvert, 'Softy' is annoyed by him. But when an obstacle comes their way, a new side of Blasty is revealed, and Softy has a decision to make. Despite their differences, can they become friends? Watch to find out!

I solely created this project over a span of 14 weeks for my 3rd Year module in university, 'DT3006 - Animation Seminar'. I was responsible for modelling the set, characters, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering and post production. It was a challenge I undertook to familiarize myself with the entire animation pipeline. While many aspects could be improved such as pacing, acting, and camera angles, I learned a lot from this project thanks to Prof. Gray Hodgkinson and am happy with the output!

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